Hay Hill, Norwich City Centre

Project location & overview

Norwich City Council have appointed Greyfriars Project Management to lead the delivery of a redevelopment of Hay Hill – a busy open space in Norwich city centre.

The project aims to improve the area, making it a vibrant urban space which is more accessible for the general public.

Redeveloping Hay Hill

Under the jurisdiction of Norwich City Council, Hay Hill is a public area in Norwich, forming a busy walkway between Chantry Place shopping centre and Norwich Market.

Formerly a market place for hay and other goods from the Norfolk countryside, Hay Hill is now one of the largest open spaces within Norwich city centre. Norwich City Council commissioned the redevelopment of Hay Hill to make the very best use of the space for the city, its residents and its many visitors.

Greyfriars project managing major redevelopment of Norwich’s Hay Hill

Delivering a reimagined city centre space

In addition to improving walking links between key areas – including Norwich Market, Millennium Plain, Gentleman’s Walk and Chantry Place – the project aims to provide more open space for events and cultural activities in the city centre.

As well as this, it involves improving the quality and look of the area to make it more vibrant and accessible to the public, while attracting investment and boosting the visitor economy.

The reimagined design includes the installation of new water features, planters and improved seating, as well as steps which are better designed for access. Plus, the existing temporary ice-cream kiosk is being replaced with a larger, permanent structure.

A statue of Thomas Browne – notable physician, philosopher and writer who lived and worked in Norwich – is being refurbished and returned to a new more prominent position on Hay Hill.

Providing project management services for Norwich City Council

As the Hay Hill redevelopment is a logistically challenging project, we were appointed by Norwich City Council to provide project management to help deliver it.

To ensure the works are completed on time, on budget and on programme, we are providing a number of services, including:

  • Client project management services
  • Managing internal and external design teams
  • Managing the main contractor
  • Programme management
  • Risk management
  • Budget management
  • Stakeholder management and engagement

Managing and engaging with stakeholders

Throughout the project, we have been closely involved with the project’s stakeholders, including the Forum, St Peter Mancroft Church, Next, McDonalds and all other businesses surrounding the site.

We hold regular stakeholder meetings and provide regular updates to all.

Working on a logistically challenging site and ensuring safety

Due to its central location, the Hay Hill site is logistically challenging.

As well as being land-locked by pedestrian zones, it is surrounded by bustling businesses, including notable high-street names and a fast-food restaurant.

The access road is manned by gatemen at all times to ensure the public are kept safe and lorries can make deliveries safely.

Additionally, there is limited room for construction to take place, which means careful and considered project management – delivered by our skilled team – is required.

Particularly difficult areas of construction were those outside Next and McDonalds. This has been completed successfully with minimal disruption to the businesses.

This was especially challenging as the work at the entrance to McDonalds had to be completed outside of their opening hours – between midnight and 6am!

Moving towards next steps

As of March 2024, the construction of the Hay Hill redevelopment is progressing well.

The well-known Thomas Browne statue has been refurbished and returned to its new, prominent position on Hay Hill.

The construction of new water features is complete, along with new seating and access steps.

The installation of planters has commenced and the bases for the ice-cream kiosk and plantroom are now well under construction, with the construction of the superstructure commencing soon.

Collaborating with Norwich City Council on a public benefit project

As a Norwich-based business, it’s especially rewarding to be working with Norwich City Council on delivering a project which will be so beneficial for our city.

This project will transform the Hay Hill area to create an even better space for locals and visitors to Norwich.

Not only is it great for the built environment, but it will deliver real public benefit for residents, shoppers and businesses in our vibrant retail centre.

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