World Horse Welfare Centre, Snetterton

Project location & overview:

International charity World Horse Welfare have appointed Greyfriars Project Management to deliver a rebuilding project at their horse rescue and rehoming centre in Snetterton, Norfolk.

The project aims to create new buildings and facilities which will allow the charity to better deliver the specialist care they provide for horses in need.

World Horse Welfare Centre, Snetterton
World Horse Welfare Centre, Snetterton

Working with an international charity

World Horse Welfare has been improving the lives of horses in the UK and beyond, since it was founded in 1927.

The charity uses care, research, education and influence to help horses in need, sport and leisure horses and horses used in work and production. This includes running four rescue and rehoming centres in Britain which deliver specialist care and rehabilitation and help finding new homes for rescued horses.

Their centre at Hall Farm in Snetterton, Norfolk, features separate crew yards and an isolation barn used to treat recently rescued horses. Both are aging structures which are no longer suitable for their needs.

The charity wishes to redevelop parts of their Snetterton centre to improve the utility of their space and better support their rehabilitation programme – benefitting both the horses at the centre and the staff who care for them.

Redeveloping the World Horse Welfare Centre

The project involves the demolition of seven existing buildings which cover 1,773m2 – and replacing them with new buildings with a larger area of 1,958m2.

With a number of historical, environmental and functional challenges to consider, the redevelopment scheme features well-designed and low maintenance buildings which will meet the needs of the charity.

The new constructions will include two new crew yard buildings which provide flexible, well-ventilated and sheltered accommodation for the horses, an isolation unit complete with a treatment room and stables, and a tractor shed with staff accommodation, a tack room and storage.

The new buildings will provide the charity with the space and facilities they need to continue the excellent work they do.

Delivering the project on time and on budget

A complex job, the project involves a number of stakeholders, risks and deadlines which need efficient and effective management to ensure successful project delivery.

Greyfriars Project Management were appointed by World Horse Welfare in April 2022 to deliver the project.

To ensure the timely completion of these works, we are providing a number of services, including:

  • Full project management as client
  • Development of programme
  • Budget management
  • Risk management
  • Appointment of architects
  • Appointment of commercial support
  • Commissioning of surveyors

Working with the local supply chain

We are delivering this project in partnership with the local supply chain.

This includes:

  • Architect – Lewis + Tyrrell Architects
  • Commercial – Daniel Connal Partnership
  • Ecology – Landscape Partnership
  • Site Investigation – AF Howland
  • Surveys – Survey Solutions
  • Specialist Planning – Contura Heritage 
  • Tree Study – AT Coombes Associates

Accelerating the project for efficient delivery

At the end of 2022, we ensured the scheme got to planning and out to tender at the same time.

We minimised risk by developing the Concept Design to RIBA Stage 2/3 for planning, then to Design Build RIBA Stages 4/5 for tender.

This not only accelerated the project, but also ensured we made most economic use of the architects and contractors for the client.

Working towards the next steps

Construction started on site on the 12th June, commencing with the demolition of the existing timber framed buildings which contained large amounts of asbestos sheeting. This required special measures for handling and disposal by the Demolition Contractor.

Before work could start, a number of ecological conditions also had to be met. So, special advisors were employed for guidance on this work and the associated compliance with the Local Planning Authority, Breckland DC.

Work on the site for the construction of the four new steel framed buildings is due for completion by the end of November.

Rewarding work with a charity

It’s particularly rewarding to work with World Horse Welfare.

We’re delighted to be able to use our skills and expertise to deliver a project which will have such a positive impact for the World Horse Welfare centre visitors, staff and the many horses they care for.

Need help with project management?

Here at Greyfriars Project Management, we are an expert team of skilled and highly-knowledgeable project managers.

As well as the charity sector, we work with both the public and private sector on development and infrastructure projects which aim to provide real benefit to the public.

Whether you need full project management or ad-hoc support, we are on hand to help.

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