Gull Wing Bridge, Lowestoft

Project location & overview:

Gull Wing, the Lowestoft Lake Lothing Third Crossing, is an exciting and much-needed piece of infrastructure which will provide an essential link from Waveney Drive (South) to Denmark Road and Peto Way (North) of Lake Lothing. 

The new bridge, innovative in its design, will have a closed air draft height of 12 metres which is significantly higher than the existing bascule bridge to the east of the lake. This will allow for a significantly reduced number of openings, improving the traffic flow in the town.

Lake Lothing Third Crossing, named by local school children as part of a competition as ‘Gull Wing’, will connect the south bank on Waveney Drive to Denmark Road and Peto Way on the north side of Lake Lothing. 

Gull Wing will cost an estimated £145 million and construction started in early 2021.

It has been a pleasure to work with Suffolk County Council on Gull Wing through the various project stages. We look forward to seeing all of the hard work become a reality. 

Photo Credit: Suffolk County Council
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Services we provided:

  • Strategic project management advice
  • Construction phase procurement; input and evaluation
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Final business case management, review and delivery
  • Report writing and governance support
  • Programme management
  • Project board member

“This is key infrastructure for Lowestoft and for the Eastern Region, providing much-needed connectivity within the town and to the strategic road network. This scheme will unlock the potential for large improvements for alternative modes of transport such as walking and cycling around the town centre. This will have significant health and economic benefits for businesses and the public”

Jon Barnard, Greyfriars Project Management

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