Great Yarmouth Third River Crossing, Norfolk

Project location & overview:

The Third River Crossing scheme involves the construction, operation and maintenance of a new bridge over the River Yare in Great Yarmouth. The crossing links the A47 at Harfrey’s Roundabout with South Denes Road and aims to reduce congestion in the town.

Subject to gaining development consent, construction started in late 2020 and aims to be operational by early 2023.

Norfolk County Council made the Third River Crossing in Great Yarmouth a infrastructure priority in 2016, due to “its potential to attract investment to the area, create jobs and give local people a better quality of life”.

This bridge will reduce congestion within the town, reducing travel time and increasing reliability. It is currently estimated to cost £120m. 

Photo Credit: Norfolk County Council

Services we provided:

  • DCO application support and technical review of key documentation
  • Examination support
  • Technical review of examination documents

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