Angel Road Schools, Norwich

Project location & overview:

In 2022, we helped the Evolution Academy Trust complete a time-sensitive construction project at Angel Road Infant School in Norwich.

With a tight deadline of September 2022, we managed the project to successful completion – on time and on budget.

Relieving pressures and making longer-term changes

Angel Road Junior School – an Evolution Academy Trust school – closed in summer 2021 due to concerns surrounding the safety of the roof.

As the building was deemed no longer usable, pupils of Angel Road Junior School were relocated to two nearby schools – Angel Road Infant School and St Clements Hill Primary Academy – on a short-term basis.

To relieve the pressures of housing more students, the Evolution Academy Trust commissioned an expansion and redevelopment of the Angel Road Infant School site. This would enable all primary-age pupils from both the infant and junior school to be taught at the one location.

In addition, the Evolution Academy Trust aimed to make some upgrades to the site, such as updating outdated areas and improving the flow of people around the school.

In order to ensure pupils could return to the school for the beginning of the autumn term, the project had a tight deadline of September 2022.

Accelerating the project to meet the tight deadline

Construction at the Angel Road Infant School site began in spring 2022. Here at Greyfriars Project Management, we were enlisted in May 2022 to manage the project and speed-up progress.

The project involved the creation of four new modular classrooms to accommodate extra pupils – plus a number of other internal and external enhancements.

These included realigning fencing, adding a new walkway, upgrading the early years playground, installing CCTV and introducing a stair-come-amphitheatre.

To ensure the timely completion of these works, we provided a number of services, including:

  • Project management
  • Procurement support
  • Risk management
  • Financial tracking
  • Regular reporting
  • Programme support
  • Design support
  • CDM advice
  • Masterplanning

Successful completion on time and on budget

Following our involvement, the construction works at the Angel Road Infant School site were successfully completed by the deadline of September 2022 – in time for pupils to return to their expanded and improved school for the start of the autumn term.

Both infant and junior school pupils are now enjoying their new modular classrooms as well as an updated outdoor space at the combined Angel Road Schools site.

The school is now an inspiring environment for primary-age children to learn and play, complete with a better flow around the school and improved indoor and outdoor areas.

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