Aircraft refurbishment facility, Norwich Airport

Project location & overview:

This large scale commercial project at Norwich airport included the delivery of a new cutting-edge, high quality aircraft refurbishment hangar and separate aeronautical workshop, alongside the refurbishment of existing facilities.

Greyfriars Project Management has a proven methodology for delivering capital projects from inception to completion. Working with Collins Project Delivery and KLM UK Engineering we provided project management expertise and undertook all client duties from RIBA Stage 4 to 7.

Greyfriars Project Management provided procurement expertise to appoint contractor packages, coordinated the construction phase, and undertook all employer’s agent duties.

Greyfriars Project Management worked closely with the client’s operational team during Stage 2 to scope and specify the specialist M&E fitout including bespoke air systems and paint booths, liaising with suppliers to ensure best value.

Providing employer’s agent duties involved site inspections, coordination of works, recording and monitoring progress, documenting change, and ensuring design quality met the client specification. Greyfriars Project Management regularly attended site and worked closely with contractors and consultants to ensure the site operated smoothly.

Most of the works were carried out ‘airside’ of an operational runway and airport. Coordination was extremely important to ensure the existing operational ability of KLM UK Engineering and surrounding businesses was not affected. Our project management support ensured that the move from existing facilities to the new hangar and workshop resulted in minimal downtime.

During construction, Greyfriars Project Management coordinated change control and technical query requests between contractor and design team to ensure project objectives were prioritised and budget allocation was not exceeded.

The team led on the handover of the new facility ensuring that all testing and commissioning had been completed in line with the plan and that all snagging items had been closed out. The team also ensured that post occupancy evaluations had been completed.

The facility was completed in winter 2020. This £8.5m project was delivered on time, to budget and to the desired quality.

Photo Credit: KLM UK Engineering
Photo Credit: Photo credit: KLM UK Engineering

Services we provided:

  • Project management as client 
  • Procurement support
  • Construction phase management and oversight
  • Governance support
  • Project controls
  • Employer’s agent
  • Contract administration
  • Independent advice
  • Post-project review and evaluation

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