A46 Newark Bypass, Newark

Project location & overview:

Having been awarded the contract to deliver the new A46 Newark Bypass by National Highways, Skanska appointed Greyfriars Project Management as the DCO (Development Consent Order) lead for the project.

The project aims to improve safety and connectivity while reducing congestion in the area.

Upgrading a four-mile stretch of the A46 Newark bypass

Key Facts:

Client: Skanska, National Highways

Staff lead: Jon Barnard

Location: Newark

Sector: Private Consultancy

Project length: 2025 - 2028

Project cost: £400m - £500m

Project value: Upgrading the road to reduce congestion and improve safety and connectivity for all road users, unlocking economic growth in Newark-on-Trent and the wider area

As part of National Highways’ investment into making major UK roads safer and more durable, the A46 Newark Bypass is being improved.

The work involves widening 6.5km (four miles) of the existing single carriageway road, making it into a dual carriageway with two lanes in each direction between Farndon and Winthorpe roundabouts near Newark-on-Trent.

As well as reducing congestion in the area, this will make the road safer, improve connectivity and journey times, and in turn boost business productivity and economic growth due to a more reliable road network and better local access.

Skanska was appointed by National Highways to deliver the design and build of the road upgrades.

Taking DCO lead for the project

As a DCO specialist, Greyfriars Project Management’s director, Jon Barnard, was appointed by Skanska as the DCO lead for the project.

To ensure the DCO application was delivered on time, we provided input into Development Consent Order application documents, as well as strategic advice and guidance.

Submitting the application

Jon strategically steered the assembly of the planning application to take it through the examination of the Planning Inspectorate on behalf of the Secretary of State.

The DCO application consisted of over 300 documents, including assessments, data, plans and proposals which detailed the plan for delivering the A46 Newark Bypass scheme.

It also included the consultation report which featured comments and questions collated from statutory and targeted consultations, in which Jon was involved, as well as National Highways’ responses.

A complex task with many moving parts, Jon used his extensive specialist knowledge and over 20 years of experience to efficiently and effectively coordinate all of the relevant documents to ensure the application was submitted on time. The DCO application was submitted to the Planning Inspectorate on 26th April 2024.

Moving towards next steps

As of 23th May 2024, the application for the Development Consent Order has been approved by the Planning Inspectorate.

The planning process will take 12 months, with the planning application being in examination for six months.

The application will be in the pre-examination stage, during which businesses and individuals can register as an ‘Interested Party’ and submit a written representation or attend a public hearing to present their views on the project.

During this time, Jon will be involved in training the A46 Newark Bypass project team, implementing processes and procedures for responding to the Planning Inspectorate’s questions, as well as organising Issue Specific Hearings on a number of topics.

The Planning Inspectorate will then prepare a report for the relevant Secretary of State, complete with a recommendation. The Secretary of State will have three months to decide on granting or refusing the DCO for the project to progress into construction.

Working with Skanska on a transport infrastructure project

With over 70 years’ experience in the delivery of transport and infrastructure projects within our team, it’s particularly rewarding to work with Skanska and National Highways on this project.

With our in-depth knowledge and experience of Development Consent Order applications under the Planning Act 2008, we are well positioned to ensure the application process is delivered efficiently and effectively.

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